• 3 in 1 hair scrunchie with ribbon
  • Color: leopard pattern
  • Material: polyester 50%, elastan 50%
  • Length of ribbon: 70 cm
  • Scrunchie is elastic up to 20 cm

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With the hair WOWBOW, you can play around and make your own hair style. That allows the composition of the product in 2 pieces – elastic and ribbon. For that reason, you can use your hair WOWBOW in 3 different ways, but make 100+ different hairstyles.This super trendy accessory will transform an “oh so boring” ponytail into a fab hairstyle.

Additional information

All the products in our offer are manual work. The materials we manage are of natural origin. We recommend that you do not expose the wooden part of the product to moisture or moisture. A piece of goods may look like extra goods. Products are not recommended to be washed in a washing machine. You can clean the piece of goods manually. The hand wash temperature should be above 30 ° C. Chemical cleaning and the use of aggressive cleaners is not appropriate! Drying should be carried out at normal temperatures and do not expose the goods to direct sun exposure. We do not recommend drying in a drying machine! The use of bleach is not appropriate!


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