WOWBOW are accessories that are fun to wear and look fabulous.

Why our WOWBOW? Quality makes the difference. And difference matters to us.

WOWBOW’s are handmade in Slovenia. From sisters Katja and Andreja. Everything started with and because of Wood.

Wooden WOWBOW is made from chosen Slovenian wood with an added handmade tie from cotton fabric, which comes in different colours and patterns. Not even one bow looks the same as the wood part on each bow has its unique pattern. Its gently coated with ecological linseed oil, so that it naturally protects the wood and makes it shine.The bow makes every blouse and blouse dress even more pretty. It’s fun to wear and easy to combine. It’s also a perfect gift for any girl or women, who see value in a handmade and unique product.

“Handmade for fun girls and fab women. Handmade for you.”





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